ehk having fun with Omegle

You: Hello
Stranger: 你认识汉字吗?
Stranger: HI,
Stranger: Nice to meet you
You: i'm pleased to meet you too
Stranger: Where do you come from
You: From north pole!
Stranger: You have a good sense of humor
You:Well, i was born there, but i'm living in Helsinki.
Stranger: I come from China
Stranger: I know nokia

Stranger: My English is not good
Stranger: Sorry, expression is not very clear
You: No problem
You: are you using google translate?
Stranger: You're so smart
Stranger: You can use Google translate Chinese
Stranger: I think this is very interesting
You: You know rebecca black?
Stranger: We come from different countries, but we know

You: She's awful, isn't she?
Stranger: Death music?
Stranger: I was listening to "friday"
Stranger: Mouth big ,Very beautiful
Stranger: You know, I really like any avril her
Stranger: Very beautiful, absolutely too perfect

Peaks vist hiina keelt hakkama õppima?

Stranger: heeeeey
You: Hi, sweetie
Stranger: assholle...
Stranger: hole*

Inimesed ei oska kenasti käituda :(

You: I'm from Siberia
Stranger: thats cool i have a new friends that are serbian

Kuulus ameeriklaste tarkus..

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