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Chloe Moretz on Chanelis vaimustav, briljatne, luksuslik, vapustav, imeilus, ehe, amazing, brilliant, gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous, FABOOOOOST

You're 13 years-old and you're going to a party. Where do you get your dress? River Island? New Look? Or, if you're really pushing the boat out, maybe Topshop. However, if you're Chloë Moretz, the hottest young actress in Hollywood, star of 'Kick Ass', and vampire flick 'Let Me In', you get Karl Lagerfeld on the case.

... and the unavoidable Justin Beiber who has just been named the most Googled person on earth.

Emma Watson may as well give up and go home. At the ripe old age of 20, she' s positively past it - in fashion terms at least.

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